Pressure Balance Elements

Overview of pressure compensation elements and pressure balance cable glands to prevent condensation in electronic and electrotechnical components from RST.

Pressure equalisation element: Meaning & Function

Fluctuations in temperature triggered by external influences (such as changing weather conditions) can lead to condensation developing within the enclosure. To prevent this from happening, we recommend using a pressure equalisation element or a pressure balance cable gland.

Our pressure equalisation elements prevent the pressure difference between the inside of the enclosure and the environment, which is responsible for the condensation in the enclosure. The elements made of robust polyamide or stainless steel are fitted with a special air permeable but water repellent membrane in order to maintain the enclosure’s IP protection. You will find solutions in different sizes, materials or colours in our extensive product range.


How many pressure equalisation elements do you need for your application?

Click here to go to our Vent Calculator. Easily calculate the type and number of pressure equalisation solutions that make sense for your application online:

Vent Calculator

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Why should I choose RST?

As a family business, we have been successfully developing, manufacturing and distributing components for electrotechnical applications for more than 30 years. We asked our colleagues as well as our long-standing sales partner and supplier why they choose RST. We have compiled the answers in a video.

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EURO-TOP EMV 4. GEN / 61086532   EMC cable gland with patented, active contact system. Very easy and fast to assemble, vibration tested and easy disassembling

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Material Group: 521 KV EMV

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Pictures / Drawings

Technical data

MaterialNickel Plated Brass
Temperaturesfrom -40°C to 100°C
temporarily to -40 bis 150°C
Protection ClassIP66/68/69
Connecting ThreadMetric
Entry ThreadM 32 x 1.5
Clamping Range16.00 mm - 25.00 mm
Shield Diameter12.0 - 20.0 mm
L9.0 mm
H max.53.00

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