Pressure equalisation elements

Meaning & Function

Fluctuations in temperature triggered by external influences (such as changing weather conditions) can lead to condensation developing within the enclosure. To prevent this from happening, we recommend using pressure equalisation elements.

Our pressure equalisation elements prevent the pressure difference between the inside of the enclosure and the environment, which is responsible for the condensation in the enclosure. The elements made of robust polyamide or stainless steel are fitted with a special air permeable but water repellent membrane in order to maintain the enclosure’s IP protection. You will find solutions in different sizes, materials or colours in our extensive product range.


How many pressure equalisation elements do you need for your application?

The question can be answered quite simply – using our pressure equalisation calculator. Take a look here.

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Material:Polyamide 6
Temperatures:from -40°C to 70°C
Colour:RAL 9005


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Data Sheets / Installation instructions

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Material: Polyamide 6
Article numberSize ETCompatible with clamping rangeH1D1DHeight toPU
82007512X3DS 3-4124.009.24100
82007512X3 4-6.5126.409.24100
82007516X3DS 4-5145.0010.5550
82007516X3 5-813,78.0010.54.750
82007517X3DS 4-6157.0013.35.750
82007517X3 6-1099.7013.35.350
82007519X3DS 4-7147.0015.87.550
82007520X3DS 6-7.5138.5015.87.750
82007520X3 7-121312.0015.8850
82007523X3DS 7-131413.0015.87.550
82007522X3DS 8-1113,511.0018.08.550
82007522X3 11-1413,513.6018.08.750
82007525X3DS 9-1314,513.0020.0750
82007525X3 12-1714,516.4019.97.350
82007526X3DS 10-131414.0022.09.525
82007526X3 14-181417.8022.01025
82007532X3DS 12-1615,516.1024.0925
82007532X3 16-2115,520.4024.19.225
82007533X3DS 14-201519.7028.59.725
82007533X3 19-251525.0028.59.725
82007540X3DS 17-2115,820.5031.59.210
82007540X3 20-2815,827.3031.59.210
82007541X3DS 21-251725.7036.810.710
82007541X3 23-321731.8036.810.710
82007550X3DS 22-3120,230.6043.311.910
82007550X3 31-3820,238.0043.311.910
82007563X3DS 28-3522,534.6051.01610
82007563X3 35-4422,544.2051.01610
Unless otherwise stated, all data in millimeters or pieces (quantity)